This image on the left shows a couple of designs based around a project that was for a another graphic design website called Dark Falcon Studio, a hypothetical website. These are a few design examples for social media banners which would be used to advertise for the website on social media and other sites as well.The designs were based around simplistic techniques and colours mainly focusing on black, white and grey with the information provided being able to be clearly understood. 

This work was done for a project that was about creating a typography poster for a Shakespeare play, as can be seen the play chosen was Henry V.

The poster was created using mainly illustrator but the shadow figure was done with Photoshop. The main theme that was trying to be put across was simple but effective. The use of colour was something that could probably been improved on as well as the text placement as it does look too spaced out.

The poster as well was supposed to represent a  more modern version of Henry V since the way it is shown here gives off a less medieval sort of vibe and a more modernistic feel.

These images are small social media ads made up for a project.Each ad is different and targeted towards a different audience and uses a different theme. The first one is film advertisement which displays a book ticket system for the film, this is used as to get more attention to it.

The second one was for a scuba diving course, the third a fast food restaurant and the last one for a nightclub event. All the ads are designed for specific audiences but all use the same illustrated technique done by using adobes illustrator.

Out of the four of them the one that stands out well is probably the scuba diving one as it uses a small amount of colour and has the right amount of information displayed as well.

This is a short video piece for a motion graphics lyric video that was made for a video project. The song used is Eminem – Cinderella Man and the entire piece was made using after effects. This particular song was chosen due to its pacing and its visual elements which were effective when they were represented using the neon light effect.

This short motion graphics piece was made for a assignment that involved having to make an ident for a TV channel. The theme i chose was based on a retro crime channel which is why i used solid, simple shapes to create the figures and the backgrounds whilst also using a minimal amount of colour. The entire video was edited and produced in Adobe After effects.